Starting a Personal Training Business – What to Do and What to Expect?


If you want to set up a personal training business, you must understand that it is a systematic process that needs time and commitment to set up. If you are an expert trainer then it might be very beneficial for you to set up your business. There are, however, several things which you need to decide first before starting your business. Let us discuss some things you need to consider while setting up your business.

Get Proper Qualification

If you do not have the proper qualification, then there is nothing, which will stop you from selling your services, but it is important for you to get proper qualification because, without it, you will not be able to get insurance or get on the PT roaster of any training establishment. There are 2 qualifications which you need to do that are namely Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer. You can also look for a combined course package of both these qualifications and complete it. There are many PT course-providing institutes, which offer these qualifications. If you want to have a little extra qualification other than which is required then you can also take Level 4 Master Personal Trainer Qualification course. Of course, that will add a big plus to your personal training career.

                Finding a good training facility or gym

Once you have the proper qualification, the next step is finding a good place from where you can provide your services. Most training facilities now work on the 70/30 split criteria which means you get 70% of the money from the customers you bring in the facility or the ones who train with you and the facility gets 30% of the split. You need to find a good place and then sign a contract with them in order to start. You will be faced with a lot of competition because there might be many freelance personal trainers who are looking for a contract with a good training facility. The one most important advice is you should be patient and at the same time try to polish your skills so you can compete with other trainers and get the contract easily.

Start your Services

The third and most critical step after you are properly qualified and have the contract for a good training facility is finding clients to offer your services. If you are associated with a good training facility then chances, are that they will refer you clients or clients will practically come to you. As we all know that we are living in the age of social media and people spend most of their time online surfing the web and scrolling through Facebook. You should use these resources to market yourself. Get a website and a Facebook page or a YouTube channel and start to promote your work and services through it. You can share your training videos online and get in touch with people who are interested in personal training. You can also offer the interested people some one-day free training session to make them familiar with you and your services too.